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August 30, 2014

The History Of Jewelry Boxes..

The history of jewel box can be traced back to time immemorial because it is bound to be as old as the history of woman. Jewelry has been a part and parcel of a woman's life. During ancient times woman use to decorate herself with flowers, then slowly she learned to make necklace and earrings of beads and stones. This is what created the need of jewelry boxes where she could store and keep her precious belongings safely without damaging them.
As time passed man discovered various metals and precious stones. Naturally, this was reflected in the woman using it for ornaments, from beads and stones she started wearing gold and silver jewelry studded with precious stones. She now felt the need of jewelry boxes where she could not only protect her jewelry from damage but also keep it safe from thieves and robbers.
The history of the jewelry box also changed with time in the olden days when jewelry were not very expensive, the need for the jewelry boxes were also inexpensive, Hence they were either made of wood or ivory. They were beautifully designed and looked attractive. Later, the jewelry were made of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum and studded with precious stones like diamonds, ruby, sapphires etc. these needed to be kept in safe custody, so, they were made of heavy metals and kept under lock and key to avoid being robbed. They were designed such that the jewelry sets viz. bangles, necklaces, earrings, finger rings all could be kept neatly and systematically they opened like the vanity case, wherein all the jewelry could seen at once thus making it easier to select the appropriate jewelry at a time. As time passed the collection of jewelry increased and so also the need of bigger jewelry boxes and so the small boxes were replaced by jewelry armoires. These are small cupboards which can be kept in your bedroom as part of your furniture. In the armoires there is a specific place for each jewelry, e.g. necklaces can be hung in the hooks provided in the doors, bangles and other ornaments can be kept in the drawers separately so that they do not get entangled with one another.
Nowadays, the risk of theft and burglary is increasing day by day, and most people are keeping their valued jewelry in bank lockers and so the jewelry armoire can be conveniently attached with the dressing table such that in today's fast and busy life a working women does no have to go hunting for her matching jewelry but finds it under the same roof , as she dresses up for her work. Moreover, it is easier for to keep her regular jewelry in it too, so that it is easier for her locate the same as and when she requires it.