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Costume Jewelry History
And Jewelry Marks

Jewelry Resource Books & Reviews

                    Customer Reviewed Jewelry Resource Books

  1. Answers To Questions About Old Jewelry
  2. Collecting Costume Jewelry 101
  3. Collectible Costume Jewelry
  4. Unsigned Beauties Of Costume Jewelry
  5. Signed Beauties Of Costume Jewelry
  6. Warman's Identification & Price Guide
  7. Costume Collectors Guide
  8. Estate Jewelry 1760-1960
  9. 7000 Years Of Jewelry
  10. Inside The Jewelry Box~ A Collector's Guide To Costume Jewelry
               Creating & Reviving Vintage To Modern Jewelry
  1. Vintage Jewelry Revised
  2. Rejuvenated Jewels~ New Designs From Vintage Treasures  
  3. Jewelry Fix-Ups~ Guide To Clean Repair & Restore Jewelry                  
                         Sterling Jewelry Hallmark Resource Books
  1. Collectible Silver Jewelry Guide
  2. Little Book Of Mexican Silver Trade And Hallmarks
            Resources For A Specific Jewelry Company, Design, Era