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August 29, 2014

The Distinct Look Of Vintage Rings.....Jason Smith

Owning a truly distinctive ring with a rich history is only possible with vintage rings. These rings were typically hand-made and have gone through a collection of styles over the decades. These styles include a selection of gem stones including emeralds, alexandrite, pearls, and aquamarine. Vintage Alexandrite Rings Vintage Alexandrite rings have been identified with blue blood or royalty. They have been indicative of higher socio-economic status during the early times, when the kings and queens reigned. The source of Vintage Alexandrite rings has been cloaked in mystery, though according to some, Alexandrite was discovered by Czar Alexander II in Russia. Since then this gem has been used in rings, crowns, and pendants for princesses, queens and czars. In fact artifacts of Vintage Alexandrite rings have been found as far back as the 19th and 20th centruires in the trinket of Empress Escretina. Astonishing examples aside, this is frequently considered as one of the more expensive gems. Vintage Aquamarine Rings A person wearing one of these vintage Aquamarine rings will get the feeling of diving in the crystalline waters of a nautical island paradise and its beaches. Aquamarine rings can be studded in platinum, white, or yellow gold base and are an ideal gift to be given to those who celebrate their birthday in March as it is their official birthstone. The word “aquamarine” is derived from Latin word meaning “sea water”. The greenish blue shading of the precious gem brings to your mind the stunning Caribbean waters, and the light azure sky making an irresistible appeal of nature's love. because of its delicate sea water color it is considered to bring good luck for voyages, weddings, and sailors. Vintage Emerald Rings Emerald is a stunning greenish mineral that has been named as the May birthstone. Vintage emerald rings started their voyage in the fashion world during the middle of the twentieth century and placed themselves in significant position over the course of time. The green stone looks lovely mounted in white or yellow gold and is often with a combination of emerald and/or diamond. In some variations, sapphire is used to make a border encasing the emerald to give it a more attractive look. For engagement rings, these vintage emerald rings are listed among the top choices. The beautiful looking stone in old style of course is very lovable among the female users. Vintage Pearl Rings It has been known to portray purity, innocence and tranquility. Vintage Mother of Pearl rings are certainly a ring that any women couldn't resist. If you want to convey your purest intention or woe your woman, then this ring would do all the wonders. It emenates elegance, sophistication and an air of assurance. Vintage Pearl rings are abundantly produced in Australia, which can be either handmade or machine made. Mother of Pearl is a blend of minerals that are cloaked by oysters and other mollusks and placed inside their shells. Various cultures have adorned their jewelries and other personal valuables with these pearls.